Sponsored by the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi

Our Disability Support Services

Residential Housing for Adults with Disabilities

Providing Quality Residential Housing in Southern Wisconsin & Northern Illinois

Vocational Day Programs for Adults with Disabilities

Offering a variety of day programs to suit the individual needs of your loved ones


Offering shuttle and other transportation services, including handicap-accessible vehicles

Meaningful Community Employment

Arranging inclusive opportunities and providing assistance filling job openings in the community

Intergenerational Care Center

Enhancing and enriching lives across generations through cognitive games, health and wellness, and a variety of community supports

Personalized Case Management

Developing a strategic Individual Service Plan (ISP) for each individual with special needs

We Serve People Living With Unique Abilities









Epilepsy or Seizures



Bipolar Disorder



on Autism Spectrum



Down Syndrome

Our Staff

Steve Wieczorek

Lead Custodian

Becky Weber

Associate Director of Stewardship and Communications

Bob Schmidt

Art Pennington


Our Family Testimonials

Frank and Sheila Grandelis, St Coletta Parents

This is what we tell our friends and family: As bad as COVID was the good that came out of it was these four men bonded together and became a family.
Three St. Coletta of Wisconsin adult men standing in their driveway with thumbs up in front of white closed garage door.

Jim & Carol Sveinsson, Parents of Eric in Illinois

St. Coletta has always felt like “home”. Without their nurturing and care Eric would not be the remarkable young man he is today. Every facet of his adult life is filled with support and love.

Chip Doering, St Coletta Sibling & Board Member

I feel very fortunate my twin brothers are able to live in the St. Coletta Community. Knowing they are safe, well taken care of, and given the opportunity to “feel good about themselves” on a daily basis helps me sleep at night. I’ve chosen to leave a planned gift to help St. Coletta continue their important mission for others, for many decades to come.

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