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St. Coletta of Wisconsin finds ourselves in a similar position to many other service providers in our industry. The cost of caring for our individuals far outweighs the proper reimbursement level through state-funded agencies like the Department of Health Services (DHS) and Medicaid.

2019 Talking Points for Legislatures

  • No measurable increase in State reimbursement rates for 10 years.
  • Wage inflation increased 30% during that same 10 years (that gap  represents $1.8 million and growing).
  • Low unemployment/wage inflation creating a Direct Support Professional (DSP) staffing crisis, nationwide.
  • DSP work is increasingly more technical and requires experienced staff.
  • Competitive entry level employment pays $13.00+ an hour in retail and other businesses – Wisconsin funding for DSPs pays approximately $10.30 an hour.
  • Providers are struggling significantly while Managed Care Organizations (MCO’s) are producing profits.


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