St. Coletta of Wisconsin finds itself in a similar position to many other service providers in our industry. The cost of caring for our individuals far outweighs the proper reimbursement level through state-funded agencies like the Department of Health Services (DHS) and Medicaid. Right now, we have an opportunity to change that.

The State of Wisconsin Biennial Budget for 2021-2023 includes provisions that address the statewide caregiver crisis and the flat funding rates we have experienced since 2007.  We are asking for your assistance to help pass the Family Care, Caregiver Funding Initiative & the Minimum Rate Bands recommended by the Governor’s Task Force on Caregiving. This would provide Direct Support Professionals (the caregivers) with an increase of funding to support stronger wage levels and help us retain our wonderful staff. Currently, the State provides only enough funding for $10.50/hour. In 12 years, that number has NOT increased. Yet, State employees have seen steady increases of 1%-3% in many of the past 12 years.

The system of Family Care is broken and providers cannot survive in this environment. Many large providers like  Lutheran Social Services and Bethesda Lutheran Communities have walked away from residential programming because they simply cannot make ends meet. We at St. Coletta of Wisconsin want better for the hundreds of individuals we serve and their families. Without us, who will take care of one of our most vulnerable populations? 

If you’re a family member – please help our voices be heard. Contact your local legislators and ask for their help.

If you’re a legislator– please take serious consideration of this section of the budget. Our services are critical to these individuals and we can’t do this alone.

For more information, please contact Robin Baker, Vice President of Development & Marketing gro.iwattelocts@rekabr or call #920-674-8331