March is a special time to recognize the wonderful and unique people that we are blessed to serve at St. Coletta of Wisconsin. Each year we partake in a variety of activities to celebrate March as Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. St. Coletta exists to encourage all areas of community life including employment, education, recreation and healthy living.

This year we are asking each family to join us in the celebration by setting up your own personalized fundraising page in honor of your loved one. We have partnered with the software company “First Giving” to give our families a complete FREE opportunity to customize a page sharing their loved one’s story, then reaching out to family and friends (through email or social media) to celebrate the mission of St. Coletta and the people we serve.

Enclosed are instructions on how to create your personal page. Many families are choosing to set their goal between $500 to $5,000. Your page will include a thermometer that “rises” as donations come in, so you can watch your page’s progress as we go!

Please spend time over the next few weeks creating your page with the enclosed instructions. The campaign will run from the date your page is created through the end of March.  We understand this will be the first time for many of you to try something like this and we welcome any questions or assistance you may need. Please contact me in the upcoming weeks at gro.iwattelocts@ofni or 920-674-8240 for help.

Thank you for your willingness to share your loved one’s story and support the mission of St. Coletta of Wisconsin throughout Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month.

Instruction Sheet Download


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