Congrats Bowlers!

The Special Olympics held their State Bowling Competition this past weekend in Madison and Sun Prairie. All athletes preformed amazingly and had fun bowling for the state championship.

Please take time to say ‘Congrats!’ to the following participants:


Willie Doering – 6th place

Ken Pertl – 5th place

Paul Woolfley – 8th place

Pat Loughrey – 4th place

Owen Mahan – 4th place

Mitzi Roberts – 7th place

Richard Stark – 6th place

Gina Calvanico – 3rd place

Ruth Dotson – 7th place

Ryan Bonnell – 5th place

Julie Gardner – 7th place

Gail Cook – 3rd place

Joel Newman – 5th place

Deena Zilisch – 6th place

Jennifer Held – 2nd place

Vince DiLuigi – 7th place

Allison Geimer – 4th place

Kristen Otey – 2nd place

Angel LeChuga – 2nd place

Brandon Heine – 6th place


Awesome job guys and good luck next year!

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