COVID-19 Information and Resources

Last updated:  Friday,  November 5, 2021


Resources and Publications Referred to in 12/18/20 Presentation

Visit CDC at

Visit CDC Side Effects and Adverse Effects at

Visit CDC MMWR at

Visit FDA at

Visit Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine at

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Families should contact their Residential Manger with questions/concerns.  St. Coletta also has nursing staff available as a resource:


Dan Golson 920-691-2514 gro.iwattelocts@nosloGJD

Shelly Devant 920-723-3817 gro.iwattelocts@tnaveDLS


Terri Santiago  224-374-8333  gro.iwattelocts@ogaitnaSLT

 Diane Proano  847-804-3817 gro.iwattelocts@onaorPMD

More Information:

Center for Disease Control (CDC):

Wisconsin Dept. of Health Services:

Illinois Dept. of Public Health:

As of today (3/1/2022) We continue to follow all directives from the Federal and State agencies related to operations.  The COVID situation has significantly stabilized and we continue to normalize operations as much as we can.  We remain committed to safety regarding the virus being particularly attentive to any changing health concerns to identify possible transmission as soon as possible to receive advanced treatment as may be necessary. Future updates will be only as necessary or when there are issues that need broader communication.


  • The CDC recently updated requirements that significantly reduced the use of masks in certain settings. While everyone is free to wear a mask, it is not a requirement.  We remain at protective level 0+ (Standard Precautions plus extra monitoring of health conditions) allowing full community integration with care.  Some Illinois workshops remain close but likely due to staffing shortages not COVID conditions.


  • In summary, we have had a combination of ninety associated members of the St. Coletta family test positive to the virus, fifty-two staff and thirty-eight persons served. All but six persons served have had the full vaccine and booster, roughly 70% of staff had either had the vaccine and boosters and/or the virus itself.  In a couple of cases, vaccinated persons have acquired the virus, a circumstance noted in the general population as well.  That is why we must remain vigilant to health conditions    

Day Programs and Services.

  • All programs are open but require proof of vaccination.       

Residential Programs

  • All of our Residential Programs remain open.

Measures we are currently taking include:

  • Reinforcing the infection control procedures and routine steps to reduce the spread of illness in our homes, buildings and vehicles on a daily basis.
  • Practicing strict hand hygiene protocol among staff members, volunteers and clients.
  • Reinforcing use of the sanitation stations located throughout our buildings.
  • Providing information and communicating COVID-19 updates
  • Temperature Checks
  • Oxygen Checks