As of today (6/26/2020) We continue to follow all directives from the Federal and State agencies related to operations.  The situation remains very fluid and we have had to adjust our programs.  Please review the below information for updates which will be in Bold letters:


  • Our operations have started to open slightly in the past several weeks but we continue to operate as normally and as safely as we can. We are several weeks into a re-open of some of our day programs.  Jefferson County in Wisconsin remains the least affected of our three areas.  Two days ago, we had one day program staff that also worked in residential test positive for the virus.  She had mild symptoms and tested immediately.  Once we learned of the result, we tested 28 persons served and 8 staff out of precaution—it was the largest group tested so far.  Thankfully, the results were all negative.  It is likely the staff contracted the virus from the community. To date we have had five staff and three persons served test positive so far, with all either recovered or recovering.  Staff continue to wear masks when in contact with persons served whether in the home or in day programming.  Other PPE is worn when conducting personal cares.  Governor Pritchard’s “Hold in Place” order in Illinois remains in effect.  We have started to loosen up visitation to our residential locations but if you would like to plan a visit we would like you to coordinate the visit through the home and the Residential Director in that area so we can apply safety measures to the trip. If you want to pickup a family member at a home, please contact the home staff to meet you will your loved one outside in the driveway.  On return, the staff will be required to ask you a series of questions about the activities of the day, week, or weekend to determine if there is any risk to the other persons living there or the staff.  Please assist us in determining any risks on travel or visitationLate Tuesday, the Illinois Governor announced that all day programs in Illinois will remain closed through August 31, 2020.  We had hoped we could open our Achieve Program and allow persons served to return to work as there is some restlessness developing.  We are starting some day visit out of the house to our Achieve building to head this off the best we can. It is not technically day programming but serves to get out of the home and do activities.  We will do this on a rotational basis.


  • We added telemedicine at no charge for our staff covered through our healthcare plan. This is different than Teladoc as it covers phone call to your current doctor as so many now will not see patients in office.  If you call your doctor now it will be covered.


  • Coletta is requiring having staff in homes to wear masks. We will continue until the situation improves more significantly, and it will be safe to go without them again.


  • We continue a four phased plan to begin Day Programs in Brookfield and Jefferson. Phase one only involved a few homes all segregated by home and limited—no outings or other exposure.  We have also allowed some externally served persons (not in our residential programs) to start.  They are also segregated.  On June 15, we will start phase two by adding more homes and external clients.  Ten homes in Jefferson, but we will stay at five homes in Brookfield.  Brookfield will add more external persons served.  High Risk (HR) homes like Norris, Dower, St. Isidore, and Padua will not attend now or likely until phase four, which will not happen until late summer tentatively.  Their programming will happen in home.  Of all of our moves are guided by conditions.  Today we postponed the start of Phase III for another two weeks.  The country is experiencing an up tick in cases and we are watching events closely. If the risk profile goes up we will revert to the lower phase or whatever the conditions provide for.  The point is we are trying to provide normalcy if we can but only if we can mitigate the risk. 


  • We have a COVID-19 Response Team made up of leaders from different disciplines across the organization to monitor and implement proactive measures.


  • We continue to order supplies and request them from other agencies when possible. FEMA asked for our wish lists and we have provided them.  We continue to not receive any supplies by any federal or local agency, so we are very appreciative of all we have received from volunteers.  The masks you have provided are wonderful and re used.  We are though stable on PPE.


  • Effective 3/30/20 St. Coletta will offer Teladoc benefits to all employees regardless whether they have St. Coletta’s health insurance. Teladoc offers the opportunity at no cost to talk with a doctor over the phone real time to help with illnesses.  Employees and their families will benefit from this as they can get medical advice and prescriptions without going to urgent care or an emergency room, or even their regular doctor.  The most dangerous place to be today is at a hospital or urgent care because of the possibility of coming into contact with a COVID-19 positive patient.  No danger over the phone, and you can even set up an appointment for your call. If you have more questions as an employee call HR for more details.


Day Programs and Services.


  • On March 16, 2020 the State of Illinois mandated the closure of all day programs and that closure was extended to August 31, 2020. Our Achieve Program has been closed since that date and will remain closed until instructed it can re-open.


Residential Programs


  • All of our Residential Programs remain open. Our staff remains stable despite school closures and daycare closures.  We are monitoring staff very closely.  Each staff must complete a new online questionnaire before each shift to ensure they have not been exposed nor have been in a possible situation where they were exposed.  We will also monitor them for symptoms daily with infrared thermometers and oxygen sensing equipment.  Measures being taken to reduce exposure in homes. All homes have suspended community integration events.


  • Life continues at St. Coletta.  We have added two residential persons served over the past month, so it brings normalcy to the organization in all of the events going around us.   We will continue to admit as we have opening or have a match for open spaces.


  • All outings to include recreational outings, Special Olympics and Best Buddies have been suspended but we are doing virtual Special Olympics.


  • We have begun to accept some visitors at our homes. Please contact your respective Residential Manager at you home to coordinate.


  • All of our homes have been directed to have a minimum of three weeks food on hand.  This is to ensure they can deal with any shortages in the community.  Likewise, we maintain at least 3-4 weeks of medications to be able to endure any shortages in the supply chain.


We will continue to update you daily if necessary.  Please check back often.


Measures we are currently taking include:

  • Staff wearing masks in homes
  • Stopping handshaking and using non-contact methods of greeting.
  • Reinforcing the infection control procedures and routine steps to reduce the spread of illness in our homes, buildings and vehicles on a daily basis.
  • Practicing strict hand hygiene protocol among staff members, volunteers and clients.
  • Reinforcing use of the sanitation stations located throughout our buildings.
  • Communicating to families and staff the importance of staying home if you are ill.
  • Securing our administrative offices and all non-staff to enter through the main entrance and be screened with a series of questions. This will also apply to homes.
  • Rescheduling all Individual Service Plan (ISP) meetings with clients, families and Managed Care Organizations.
  • Rescheduling all non-emergency doctor, dentist and other outside appointments for clients.
  • Using teleconferencing in place of in-person meetings.
  • Utilizing isolation areas for individuals who present symptoms of illness.
  • Providing information and communicating COVID-19 updates to staff and families.
  • Social Distancing in all our settings and administrative areas.
  • Temperature Checks
  • Oxygen Checks


St. Coletta is taking many precautions to ensure our employees’ safety and we are devoting a lot of time and resources to do so. We want to keep you well informed about many of the actions we are taking and will continue to keep you updated.


Measures we are currently taking to keep you safe include:

  • St. Coletta will cover all tests and claims related to testing for COVID-19 for ALL our employees regardless of their coverage under our medical plan.  This includes any testing, pulmonary or otherwise, that was completed to rule out the possibility of COVID-19.
    • If you are covered under our St. Coletta medical plan and receive a bill related to the services mentioned above please let HR know.
    • If you are not covered under our St. Coletta medical plan and would like to be reimbursed for such test expenses not covered by your medical insurance provider please let HR know.


  • Working with instructors to record trainings so that some may be held online/virtually


  • Postponed all CEU’s in April to be rescheduled for a later date


  • As an essential healthcare worker, we want to make sure you have this letter (click here) in the event that you are questioned about traveling to provide services.


  • Our RN’s are keeping inventory and working on increasing our inventory of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for our DSP’s including masks, gloves, thermometer, hand sanitizer, etc
    • Recently requested additional supplies from other organizations including: Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Jefferson County, Waukesha County and Froedert Hospital


  • All Employees completing COVID-19 Questionnaire prior to each shift using the following link: Directors of each area are reviewing on a case by case basis. Employees with symptoms or those who have recently travelled in high risk areas are being evaluated and in some cases are being asked to stay home.


  • Suspended all community outings


  • Suspended day services to external clients


  • Stopping handshaking and using non-contact methods of greeting.


  • Communicating to families and staff the importance of staying home if you are ill.


  • Securing our administrative offices and all non-staff to enter through the main entrance and be screened with a series of questions. This also applies to homes.


  • Stopped Receiving Visitors in our facilities.


  • Rescheduling all Individual Service Plan (ISP) meetings with clients, families and Managed Care Organizations.


  • Rescheduling all non-emergency doctor, dentist and other outside appointments for clients.


  • Using teleconferencing in place of in-person meetings.


  • Utilizing isolation areas for individuals who present symptoms of illness.


  • Increased sanitation in all of our facilities and vehicles.






Families should contact their Residential Manger with questions/concerns.  St. Coletta also has nursing staff available as a resource:


Dan Golson 920-691-2514 gro.iwattelocts@nosloGJD

Shelly Devant 920-723-3817 gro.iwattelocts@tnaveDLS


Terri Santiago  224-374-8333  gro.iwattelocts@ogaitnaSLT

Diane Proano  847-804-3817 gro.iwattelocts@onaorPMD


More Information:

Center for Disease Control (CDC):

Wisconsin Dept. of Health Services:

Illinois Dept. of Public Health: