Happy Birthday St. Coletta!

September 10th marks the 112th celebration of St. Coletta of Wisconsin’s service to the community. For over 112 years, St. Coletta of Wisconsin has served in the teaching and life management of the physically disabled and mentally gifted.

The history of St. Coletta started in 1904, when the institute was founded by Archbishop Sebastian Gebhard using the vacant St. Coletta convent to serve children with disabilities. Under the leadership of the “Archbishop of Christian Charity”, and the involvement of Mother Thecla Thren, The St. Coletta Institute of Backwards Youth (as it was called in the 1900s) was established on September 10th 1904.

By 1915, over 70 children were enrolled at the school, which was expanded in 1927 with the construction of the St. Therese school building. The campus was renamed the St. Coletta School for Exceptional Children in 1930.

An expanded history of St. Coletta can be viewed on our history wall. Highlights included:

1948/49-Serra Home is constructed /Rosemary Kennedy joins the St. Coletta community.

1956-The St. Coletta Day School in Milwaukee opens.

1986-The Golden Options Adult Day Care Program is established.

1995-Having served its purpose in educating the mentally disabled, the St. Coletta School closes. Today, the school program lives on through the Excel and Genesis Programs.

St. Coletta is proud to have served the community for 112 years and will happily serve for many years to come!  For more information go to www.stcolettawi.org

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