Laurie’s Love for Animals


Laurie has been volunteering at the Jefferson County Humane Society for the past four years. She has spent countless Saturdays providing active treatment for the cats, saying, “I basically help animals get used to the human touch so they’re not afraid all the time.” Since Laurie isn’t able to have a pet of her own at this time, volunteering at the humane society fulfills her void. She also appreciates seeing the caring staff, who treat her as part of the team.
In September, Laurie decided to continue to give back to animals. In doing so, she unselfishly donated $200 to cover the cost of Reilly’s adoption fee, a dog that has faced many challenges in his early life. When calling the shelter to make this generous donation, Laurie indicated that she didn’t care what animal would be helped. She simply asked what animal was in the greatest need at the time. She later learned that Reilly was found as a stray on a bike trail all alone with a broken leg and scared. This knowledge vindicated Laurie’s actions. She has a natural compassion for struggling animals due her own life experiences.
Laurie hopes that her generous gift helps Reilly find a loving home and also inspires others to support his/her local shelter or rescues.
About Author: Noah Smith


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