Azeez Aroyewun

Regional Director of Illinois Program

Azeez Aroyewun is the Illinois Regional Director at St. Coletta of Wisconsin. He was born in Lagos, Nigeria, and joined St. Coletta in May 2012. Azeez’s journey at St. Coletta began as a Direct Support Professional (DSP) at Avon House. In 2014, he was transferred to Hampton House and later became the Medical DSP for Avon, Brittany, Hampton, and Nichols. In 2016, Azeez was promoted to the position of Assistant Residential Coordinator (ARC), which he served until March 2019.

Later in 2019, the structure changed, and Azeez became a Residential Manager for Avon House. In 2022, he was promoted to the position of the Illinois Regional Director. Azeez has a National Certificate in Education (NCE) and a Bachelor of Art (B.A) degree in Adult Education, Social Welfare, and Community Development. He loves his job at St. Coletta and is very passionate about the people we serve. Since starting as a DSP, Azeez has been committed to maintaining close relationships with all the individuals he works.