2020 New Board Members

Dear St. Coletta Families:

July 2020 began our new fiscal year at St. Coletta. Along with this turning of the calendar page, St. Coletta welcomed two new Board of Directors, Jake Gibson and Tom Carmody. The current Board of Directors consists of Mr. Duane McAllister, Chair; Dr. Constantine Stamatelakys, Vice Chair; Mr. Tom Carmody; Mr. Lee Davis; Mr. Chip Doering III; Mr. Tim Hood; Mr. Jacob Gibson; Mrs. Norah Johnson; Sister Julianne Koch; Mrs. Chris McDermott; Mr. John Parrott; Mr. Russell Schaefer and Ms. Sharon Thyne.

If you have opportunity, please thank these individuals for their time and dedication to St. Coletta.

Jake Gibson

Jake Gibson is the owner of Olsen-Gibson Funeral Home located in Jefferson, Wisconsin and joined the St. Coletta of Wisconsin Board of Directors in July 2020. Serving the needs of others is a defining characteristic of Jake and his service-driven business. Jake considers ministering to the needs of others, a privilege and actively seeks out opportunities to do so. “St. Coletta of Wisconsin provides a unique and needed service to the members of our community and beyond. Personal interaction with staff members, from the top down, have exhibited a strong unity of St. Coletta’s mission of compassion, dignity and respect. This aligns itself similarly to the mission of my business, which is service with dignity, compassion and excellence. I value the opportunity to be a part of the organization.” Prior to taking an ownership interest in the Olsen-Gibson Funeral Home, Jake was the Funeral Director for Pederson-Nowatka Funeral Home in Watertown, WI for a number of years, where he originally started as an apprentice. Jake attended Wheaton College and then went on to study at the Worsham College of Mortuary Science in Wheeling, IL. Jake is an active member in his community and spends his time coaching Jefferson Youth Football, serving as a Board Member for Tomorrow’s Hope, as a Rotarian for the Jefferson Rotary Club and as a Deacon and Finance Committee Member for the First Baptist Church in Watertown, WI. “I have a strong desire to accomplish the goals of the organization in a transparent and focused way. My experience as a Deacon in my own church and on other boards has shown me the importance of being a responsible steward of available resources. In my business dealings, I have vast experience working with people of diverse backgrounds and statues while ensuring that their best interests are maintained.” Jake resides in Jefferson, WI with his wife, Wesley and their four children.

Tom Carmody

Tom Carmody retired from a successful, 45-year career in Information Technology & consulting. He is known for competencies in Sales & Marketing, and his brand personifies leadership, strategy, and results. Throughout his career in the consulting and the technology sector, Tom has held leadership and global management positions. Significant to his experience is having led a global marketing effort for a fortune 50 company. Companies he has represented are Xerox, Arthur Andersen, SAP and Siemens to name a few. St. Coletta has been an integral part of Tom and his wife, Paula’s, family. Katie, the oldest daughter, lives in one of the homes in IL and has been a St. Coletta resident for 32 years. Katie is the “rallying” sibling for her two sisters and brother: Kristin, Kimberly, & TJ. Tom desires to serve on the board for two fundamental reasons: St. Coletta’s longevity and its values prolongation. His aspiration to contribute is driven by his values of leadership, servanthood and integrity. He is focused on maintaining and improving the outstanding tradition and level of service provided by those who have gone before us. He has served as school board president, Special Olympics of IL board member, president of IL Friends for St. Coletta WI/IL, president of a fraternal organization, founding family of the 5p Minus Society, founder and vice-chair of an educational foundation and active volunteer at the St. Francis Activity and Achievement Center/St. Francis Children’s Center in Brookfield, WI. Tom is fully engaged with family and currently, St. Coletta volunteers. He enjoys his daily 5-mile walk, listens to classic novels, classical & country music. Coming from a large family, Tom considers himself blessed to be engrossed in chaotic “dysfunction”. “It’s a free for all!”. He enjoys golf with his wife and adult children. The highlight of golfing with the family, is his cart driver, Katie. She loves driving the cart…on her terms. She provides entertainment for the entire family. As Tom is in his back swing, Katie decides to tear down the fairway. The family laughs hysterically as Tom chases her before she heads to the water. Tom says, “There isn’t a Disney ride in the Magic Kingdom as exciting as riding with Katie”.

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