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Thank you for your interest in St. Coletta of Wisconsin, we currently have openings in some residential homes and day programs for adults with developmental, intellectual and other disabilities. We are happy to assist you, please contact:

Two female friends, one arm hugging with a basketball held in their outside arms. Both are wearing St. Coletta of Wisconsin Basketball Jersey's with the number 16 on the left and the number 86 on the right, with the words ST> COLETTA above them. Both have brown hair and are smiling. The one on the left is wearing red glasses and the one on the right is wearing sunglasses.
A group of clients and staff at St. Coletta of Wisconsin holding on to handles of a a red, green and yellow parachute as others run underneath in a circle. There are trees in the background and part of a red picnic table on the right hand side. There are two people standing in the background. The foreground has a tall man ginning and running while wearing a blue bandana, a white t-shirt, jeans and tan suspenders. Another person is shown running wearing a St. Coletta blue tie dyed shirt and below the knee cargo shorts with black tennis shoes.
A man wearing a black jacket with yellow collar arm strips from shoulder to wrist and a pair of black jeans is crouched in a large garden field at St. Coletta in Wisconsin in Jefferson. In front of him on the ground rests a small plantlet in a black square plastic pot broccoli looking straight ahead and smiling. He has light brown hair, blonde eyebrows and a dark blonde mustache. Two people kneel to the left hand side, one toward the camera and cut off, the other kneeling away from the camera in a tan shirt and blue jeans. There are raised beds in the background and people in the background. Four are bending over to hoe a garden bed, Three are onlookers and one is walking.
A female client wearing a white t-shirt and blue nail polish pets a horse on the nose through a large metal tubed fence while a caretaker in a blue shirt with glasses on her head holds on to the horse. The horse has a teal bridle on over reddish brown hair tand a large white marking brown between the eyes, down the nose, and a light pink spot between the nostrils. The client has short brown hair and a huge smile, there is another brown horse in the next paddock.

Our Community Fosters Independence and Personal Growth



If you are interested in beginning the process for application to any of our programs and services, please download and print the Admission Inquiries Form 2023 form on the bottom of this page.

Once we receive the completed document you can expect to hear back in one business day after receipt of your completed form. 

Our Admissions Team meets every Tuesday. At our meeting, we discuss program openings and applicants. We will get back to you regarding team feedback within one business day of our meeting. Our admissions process can take approximately one month from the time of application. 

Interested in a tour?

Please complete the form Interest in Services and we will connect with you additional information and tour if requested. 

Areas of interest:

  • Residential Programs in Brookfield, Jefferson, Waukesha, and Illinois
  • Intergenerational Center/Day Programs in Brookfield & Jefferson
  • Day Program in Illinois (Rolling Meadows)
  • Vocational/Work Programs in Brookfield and Jefferson
  • Other

Immediate Openings!

Assistance with Public Funding Sources

St. Coletta works with most funding organizations in Wisconsin, however; it is best for you to connect with your care manager/broker to ensure that St. Coletta is an option.   St. Coletta also accepts most Medicaid plans and we do accept private payment for services.

Thank you for your interest in St. Coletta of Wisconsin’s Programs and Services.

If you have questions regarding Admissions, please contact:

Director of Admission and Outreach
Phone (920) 674-8304
Email: Director of Admission and Outreach

There is a $100.00 non-refundable application fee to process your application materials. Please send payment to: St. Coletta of Wisconsin- Admissions along with your completed application to begin the assessment process.