Case Management & Behavioral Health

The department spans Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois and comprises a professional team of Case Coordinators, Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professionals (QIDPs) in Illinois only, and Crisis Intervention Specialists. Operating from a strength-based perspective we provide person-centered service coordination supporting individuals’ overall bio-psycho-social needs.

In Case Management we offer:

  • Service planning coordination
  • Coordination of community based services
  • Advocacy
  • Communication liaison
  • Supportive counseling
  • Assessment
  • Identifying gaps in service provision
  • Dementia Focused Services

In Behavioral Health we offer:

  • Assessment
  • Advocacy
  • Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)
  • Behavior skills training
  • Crisis Intervention Services
  • Consultation and support to leaders
  • On-call consultation
  • Proactive Strategies concentration
  • Behavior Support/Intervention Planning
In 2018, Nicole Styles (Right), Director of Case Management and Behavioral Health Services, and her team were awarded Outstanding Field Partner of the year by the UW-Whitewater’s Social Work department for their work with mentoring internship experiences to students. Nicole chairs Records Committee, The Autism Group, as well as Behavior Support Committee. She is also a certified Mandt behavioral strategies instructor and Dementia Specialist trained.

Crisis Intervention Specialist

The number of admission referrals by families and funding sources has grown over the past five years especially when it comes to people who have “challenging behaviors”.  At the same time, we have had to part ways with a number of people because we were not equipped enough to support their behavior. While in the state of Wisconsin there is a need for such a specialty service, the cost is high and falls on the shoulders of the organization. In an effort to be cost efficient and build our Behavioral Health services, two Crisis Intervention Specialist positions were created in October of 2018 to meet the need in a fiscally responsible way.

Catherine Simpson and Carrie Fox are the Wisconsin area Crisis Intervention Specialists.  As support plans are developed and monitored, proactive strategies are the main focus, however, intervention measures and recovery strategies are also involved.

The role of Crisis Intervention is another arm of quality and value of services provided in our Wisconsin residential and vocational programs. It is a strategic step in addressing the market needs of those who are being referred more and more to St. Coletta of Wisconsin and widens the support band for those that are currently receiving services.

Crisis Intervention Specialist, Carrie Fox and Catherine Simpson