Day Programs

St. Coletta offers a range of vocational and day programs that focus on the roles that education, employment, and training play in fostering independence and the development of a meaningful life. All of our day programs are open to both residential and non-residential clients, and some choose to customize their schedules by dividing their day between programs.

Types of Programs Offered

Access Community Employment Program provides opportunities for persons that experience significant barriers to work. Services include job development, placement and support.
• The Excel Program located both on the UW-Whitewater campus and in Jefferson, provides person centered, meaningful, and socially enjoyable activities. The Excel program serves people from young adults to seniors with a broad range of intellectual and other disabilities.
• Genesis Young Adult Program fills the void in mainstream special education programs where young adults are graduating from high school with limited options for further education and employment.

• Golden Options Adult Day Service  provides Persons Centered program in a comfortable, friendly, fully accessible and safe environment. Our program is designed to provide high-quality social, nutritional, and daily living services in a supportive and stimulating environment.

  •  Vocational Skills Training Program (VSTP)
    provides qualified individuals with paid on-the-job training and work experiences in three occupational areas: office, grounds and housekeeping.
  • Adult Education classes hold to the tenet that learning is an activity that spans the lifespan.Participants enrich their lives and learn skills
    to be successful in everyday life. Classes are developed based on the needs and requests of persons served, their families, funding sources and staff.
    • Recreation Services are designed to provide various opportunities for participation in programs, clubs, social events and the Special
    Olympics programs. It is the goal of recreation services to improve physical, mental and spiritual health through activity.