Access Community Employment

Jefferson & Brookfield

The Access employment program provides employers with capable, motivated workers. Services are based on a careful matching of worker’s abilities to job requirements.


“Sneak Peek - No Strings Attached”

• No Cost to the employer
• Duration 4-6 weeks (negotiable)
• Mutually agreed upon schedule
• All costs are covered by the government
• No expectations for the participant to be hired permanently
• Gives the employer a “sneak peek” at the participant’s skill set without commitment
• Support services are available to assist with training and orientation

Used For:
• Vocational Assessments
• Career Exploration
• Work Adjustment
• Skill Enhancement
• Reference Development
• Job Try Out
• Mentoring Experiences
• Job Shadowing

Assistance with employee training and work-site accommodations

We will work with you and your new employee to ensure that they are trained to your specifications. If your new employee needs assistance in performing their job, we will provide consultation on modifications or accommodations.

Ongoing consultation and services

A professional will be available for you on an ongoing basis to ensure the needs of your business continue to be met on a long-term basis. These ongoing job support services are provided free of charge.

Benefits your local community

Wages earned by employees are reinvested into their local community contributing to an increased quality of life for everyone.

On-the-Job Hiring Initiative

Add a qualified person with a disability to your workforce. Hire an Access employment program member and some of their salary and fringe expenses may be covered by the government for the first 90 days of employment.


• No-cost recruiting
• Pre-screened referrals
• Tax credit opportunities
• A more diversified workforce
• Opportunity to train a new employee on the job at a reduced cost to your business

Appropriate documents and details will be
provided to you by a professional of the
Access Employment Program

Save money on recruitment

We get to know the needs of your business and refer qualified candidates that can meet those needs. All candidates are pre-screened and receive training before they are hired to ensure that they have the skills and abilities needed to meet the demands of your position.