Intergenerational Care Center

Greater Milwaukee Area

At St. Coletta of Wisconsin, we firmly believe that each person deserves a day program that fosters individual growth and sets them up for success in all aspects of life. We passionately create inclusive and empowering environments catering to the unique needs and abilities of individuals with disabilities. We design programs to offer a person-centered approach to health and wellness, daily living skills, community inclusion and spirituality.

What is Intergenerational Care?

Intergenerational care is becoming increasingly important as the aging population and individuals with developmental disabilities live longer. St. Coletta is committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment for their clients, staff, families, and benefactors.

With the aging population increasing at an unprecedented rate, we as a service providers must offer opportunities to enhance the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities through interactions with people of all ages. At St. Coletta, we believe that intergenerational care is not only beneficial for our clients but also for society as a whole. By promoting interactions between individuals of different age groups, we can break down barriers and increase understanding and empathy for one another.

By building connections with the communities where we live and work, we can create a more supportive and inclusive society for persons with disabilities. At St. Coletta, we are proud to be one of the oldest organizations in the country dedicated to upholding the rights of persons with disabilities and promoting a sense of community and belonging for all.

What Disability Services Does St. Coletta Provide?

Highly Qualified Staff

We have a team of experienced and compassionate support staff dedicated to providing personalized care, attention, and instruction to each person.

Skill Development

Our programs aim to develop and enhance various skills to promote independence and self-sufficiency. Skill building may include daily living skills, social skills, communication skills, vocational skills, and recreational activities.

Person-Centered Approach

Our programs prioritize the individual’s preferences, choices, and aspirations. They involve participants in decision-making processes, allowing them to have a say in determining their activities, goals, and outcomes.

Social Integration

Our staff fosters opportunities for individuals to interact with their peers, building social connections and reducing isolation. Group activities, outings, and community involvement are often encouraged to promote socialization and inclusion.

Collaboration with our Community

We believe in the power of partnerships and actively collaborate with different groups. We are currently working with the University of Marquette, College of Nursing, to train their clinical students to work with our unique population.

Breaking down barriers

By promoting interactions between individuals of different age groups, we can break down barriers and increase understanding and empathy for one another. By promoting inclusion and providing support, St. Coletta helps to create a more inclusive society for all individuals.

Promoting socialization

Socializing with people of all ages can help individuals with developmental disabilities develop critical social skills, such as communication, cooperation, and empathy, which are essential for building meaningful relationships and participating in their communities and improving their quality of life. St. Coletta promotes socialization through various activities and programs that encourage individuals with disabilities to interact with others and build relationships.


Providing a sense of purpose

Intergenerational care can give a sense of purpose to older adults and individuals with developmental disabilities by fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where individuals can learn, grow, and connect and learn from each other, creating a sense of community and belonging. St. Coletta provides a sense of purpose by bringing together individuals from different generations to engage in meaningful activities and interactions.

Provides supports in the following areas:
  • Community and employment exploration
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Job Soft Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Personal Finance Skills
  • Job development and placement
Provides supports in the following areas:
  • Daily living skills
  • Interpersonal and social interactions
  • Functional academics
  • Spirituality
  • Community participation
  • Recreation and leisure
  • Pre-Vocational experience
Provides supports in the following areas:
  • Health and wellness
  • Exercise, adapted team sports
  • Cognitive activities
  • Memory games, discussion groups, trivia
  • Social events
  • Community-based outings
  • Arts and crafts, musical entertainment