Client Finance Audit System

Personal finances for individual with disabilities need an additional level of security. St. Coletta recognizes the vulnerable position that individuals with disabilities often find themselves in and because of that, we strive to protect our client’s financial well-being.

With this four step monthly process exclusive to St. Coletta financials will go through daily management, monthly reconciliation, and peer audits then a secondary audit done by the finance department to finalize and file documentation. Rest assure, if an issue arises, we will be alerted very quickly.

Good Financial Management and Practice…                              

  • Protects the fiscal interest of the person served
  • Assures funds are available to meet the individual’s daily needs
  • Allows individuals served to participate in and experience more fully an  important life skill and community living area – banking and money management.
  • Gives the individual a sense of financial independence as they participate more in choosing how their money is spent
  • Provides “financial picture” to help person served make informed financial choices.

Residential Client Finance Peer Review Summary