Offering Respite Care Services

We Understand Caregiving is Not Easy

Respite care provides a temporary form of support to individuals with disabilities and their primary caregivers.

Available In Wisconsin, St. Coletta designs respite services to provide temporary relief to primary caregivers of individuals who are elderly, disabled, or have special needs. We offer short-term care services, giving caregivers a break from their daily responsibilities and allowing them time to care for their needs. Depending on your family, the caregiver and the individual’s needs, respite services aim to help prevent caregiver burnout and support the caregiver and the person cared for.


St Coletta Provides Quality AFH, CBRF 

Group Home Respite Care and Day Programming

As a caregiver of a loved one with a disability, respite care can be a valuable resource for you. Respite care can help you improve your well-being by creating opportunities to relax and recharge. Having your loved one at a St. Coletta respite home and/or day program provides peace of mind. Designed to give caregivers a break from the daily stresses of caregiving, this can help reduce the risk of depression and other mental health problems.

Respite allows you to tend to activities often set aside while caring for your loved one. It can help you renew your spirit, reduce stress, and improve your comfort.  Your loved one benefits by engaging in new activities, meeting and socializing with peers and the community.

We provide dedicated professionals and high-quality care for your individual’s unique needs in a safe environment. Our team customizes a wide range of services to meet your loved one’s needs within our scope of services.

          • Highly Qualified Staff: Our dedicated, experienced, compassionate support staff provides personalized care, attention, and instruction.
          • Person-Centered Approach: Our programs prioritize the individual’s preferences, choices, and aspirations. Our participants have a say in decision-making, determining their activities, goals, and outcomes.
          • Social Integration: Individuals interact with their peers, building social connections and reducing isolation. Group activities, outings, and community involvement promote socialization and inclusion.
          • Collaboration with our Community: We believe in the power of partnerships and actively collaborating with other groups. We have visits from Music Therapy, local public and private school performances, and many outdoor excursions.

If you want to learn more about our respite care services, St. Coletta welcomes your family questions, concerns and offers tours. We would happily answer any questions and help you find interim care with us for your loved one. 

Email our Director of Admissions and Outreach or call office (920) 674-8304

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